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Wow! I Didn’t Know That!

Science stories for grown-ups.

For a sense of what kinds of stories WIDKT will tell, please see the section on Ninety Second Science. The difference will be that each story can be developed in much more detail and thus to greater effect. Perhaps the most severe challenge in the making of NSS was paring each story down to a minute and a half. After even modest allowances for ID, this left not enough time for anything but a very terse and abbreviated telling. Also, the time constraint was fixed, to the fraction of a second.

Within the format of a half hour, the far greater latitude will make the stories considerably more appealing, by virtue of the things that can be said and not left on, as they say, the cutting room floor.

We will be able to offer a better variety of topics, a mix of different types of tales to tell. We can, and will, include an editorial in each episode. Public broadcasting loves to claim that “We’ll never tell you what to think!”, but we all know how true this isn’t.

It is time to bring a degree and type of diversity to public radio that may currently be a little thin on the ground. Even if those now making programming decisions are convinced that no new ideas are needed.

WIDKT demo reel - the first full episode

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