The ep5 Educational Broadcasting Foundation

educational content for public radio and television

ep5 currently has a critical need for a volunteer marketing manager to oversee the foundation’s social media presence and relationships with potential underwriters.

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Whom we are

The ep5 Educational Broadcasting Foundation is a New York not-for-profit charitable institution established to produce educational content for public radio and television. We are at present privately funded and rely upon volunteers for almost all functions.

ep5 has, since mid-2015, produced a public radio series entitled Ninety Second Science. We release at the rate of one episode per weekday, with production funded through the end of calendar year 2016.

What we are

ep5 was incorporated in New York in 1988 under the Not-For-Profit Corporation Law. We are registered with the Attorney-General's Charities Bureau under ID 44-09-89.

ep5 qualifies under Internal Revenue Code §501(c)(3) as tax-exempt, and we are authorized to issue deductible receipts for donations.

We hope that you will forgive the unsophisticated appearance of this web-site. While an amateur can create a web design that communicates in simple fashion, it takes an experienced and capable designer to make something fancy and dramatic. Such designers charge what their skills are worth, and our foundation is not in the position of being able to spend that much on window dressing.

This web-site has been extensively tested with all popular browsers, including...

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...and it doesn't work with any of ’em.

We are grateful to our corporate supporters, among them...

  • iZotope, Inc
  • Fisher Aircraft Corporation
  • Microsoft Corporation
  • Hamilton A-V
  • Integrated Sonics LLC
  • Muggins Gooseberry Plonker & Oyke − Consultants…With an Attitude

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