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“A Day in the Life of a Freight Train”

The premise

We spent a day with the crew of the Livonia Avon & Lakeville Railroad’s daily freight run to Rochester to interchange with CSX at Genesee Junction. There was no narration. The story unfolds visually, accompanied by the banter of the conductor and engineer as well as the ordinary sounds heard on a locomotive.

It was very modest . . . but it worked. The clips below are from the original program.

The premise - 2018

That was then. This is now. Since this page was first presented, the program, “A Day in the Life of a Freight Train”, has been redone. It’s much better now. Honest. See for yourself! It now has a full narration; it tells a story; it even offends some people. The only art that never annoys anyone is art so pallid, pointless, pale, and devoid of meaning that no one ever finds it challenging. How tiresome...

To watch or download this program, please click here.

A pair of LA&L Alco diesels pulling out of the Barilla plant in Avon, New York. It was claimed that one of the advantages that diesel-electric locomotives had over steam engines was the absence of smoke. Well, some of ’em, anyway.

The guys from CSX roll into town to swap cars. Don’t try this at home.

On the way back to the barn, the train crew stopped for lunch at a small diner on the main drag. Wait a minute! That’s the engineer walking over to get the grub . . . so who is driving the train???

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