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Selected stories from “Ninety Second Science”

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“Alchemy” - an ancient dream realized

“Butterfly” - terrorist activity on the lepidopterous front

“Economics” - dividing the wealth

“First Contact - Part 1” - say hello to ET

“First Contact - Part 2” - say hello to ET

“First Contact - Part 3” - say hello to ET

“Helium - Part 1” - more than just party balloons

“Helium - Part 2” - more than just party balloons

“Honor” - thieves and scientists

“Interplanetary Transport Network” - it ain't science fiction

“Split Infinitive” - the rule that isn't

“Superhero” - non-suspension of disbelief

“Uncertainty” - quantum mechanics and your steam iron

“The Fermi Paradox” - why no aliens?

“Bacteria” - who is really Number One?

“Complexity” - can we live off-world?

“E-Sail” - navigating the æther

“Foam” - how to get rid of insects on the grand scale

“Gardens” - farming in a whole new light

“Glaciers - Part 1” - an open-minded examination

“Glaciers - Part 2” - an open-minded examination

“IQ Test” - how intelligent are you?

“Ninth Sense” - how sensitive are you?

“Non-Nobels” - honor...with dishonor

“Power - Part 1” - batteries are included

“Power - Part 2” - batteries are included

“Size Matters!” - no, that's not what we mean

“The Spherical Cow” - close enough!