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Available by direct download from here (see below), Ninety Second Science brings you interstitials from The ep5 Educational Broadcasting Foundation, where our goal is to offer science and technology seen from a novel perspective.

Capitalize on the growing public interest in science and technology with this provocative series

Ninety Second Science presents the sizzle that sells the science steak. For each episode, we selected an unusual and intriguing topic from one of the many branches of science, captured the heart of the story, and told it quickly, concisely, and in a way that listeners easily understand.

Over a span of more than two millennia, science has pushed back the darkness. From Archimedes’ long-lost invention of calculus to discoveries in the atmospheres of distant exoplanets . . . we distilled this down to a captivating minute and a half science-byte, all without infantilizing the listener with clownish behavior.

Ninety Second Science was produced monthly, one episode per weekday.


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